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Added 2019 rankings including Milton, Woodstock, Center Island, Montreal Challenge, Nationals, GWN Challenge

Updated 2018 rankings


Added GWN Challenge, Quebec Cup.


First installment of 2017 rankings are up! Milton, H2O Open, Pickering, Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal Challenge, GWN Sport, Nationals conribute to the rankings.

ABOUT THE rankings

The Canadian Dragon Boat Rankings (CDBR) team is commited to delivering up-to-date and relevant information about race results in Canada.

Comments and feedback are welcomed and highly appreciated. We are interested in continually improving our quality, reach, and levels of participation!


momentum watch

Trend Analysis

The Momentum Watch is interested in analyzing trending throughout the season and uses historical results to predict what teams to be on the lookout for.

As teams train and grow together through the season and peak for different regattas, the CDBR team looks at the percentage improvement in results to determine who the hottest mixed teams are in Eastern Canada.

Category 1: Race Times 0:00.0 to 2:05.0


Category 2: Race Times 2:05.0 to 2:10.0


Category 3: Race Times 2:10.0 to 2:15.0


Category 4: Race Times 2:15.0 to 2:20.0


Category 5: Race Times 2:20.0 to 2:25.0


Category 6: Race Times 2:25.0 to 3:00.0